Our fees are not contingent upon the outcome of any case matter and are due upon receipt. Billing consists of an itemized statement indicating the description of service, date of service, the number of hours/miles involved, any case expenses, and Texas Sales Tax where applicable. Copies of expense receipts will be provided upon request. Prolonged casework is normally billed on a 30-day basis, with retainer fees applied to the final statement. Our basic fee schedule is below:


Services Rates
Investigative, Research, Analysis, Reconstruction & Travel $ 225.00/hour
Field Technician $ 75.00/hour*
Forensic Scene Mapping & Documentation $ 325.00/hour*
Vehicle Skid Testing $ 350.00/per case
Airbag Control Module (ACM – passenger vehicles) Download $ 450.00/per unit*
Engine Control Module (ECM – heavy trucks) Download $ 1800.00/per unit*
3-D Scanner - Equipment Fee $ 1000.00/per case
Case Expense(s) Cost
Mileage $ 0.60/mile
Office/Administrative $ 35.00/hour
Retainer (per case) $ 5000.00*
Trial & Deposition (6 hour minimum) $ 225.00/hour


  1. Time and mileage is billed portal to portal from our office.
  2. * Asterisk denotes items subject to a fee/retainer adjustment pursuant to the facts of the case, the scene work required, the scene location and expertise required.
  3. Expenses may include, as necessary, use of special equipment and subcontract work. The client will be notified of any unusual items prior to the expense being incurred.

Updated 01/17