JAM/MVA, Inc. has been providing professional services since it was started in 1985. The company is incorporated and operates as a licensed private investigative agency as State License Number A-07875. The company is insured as required by law, including errors and omissions coverage.

We provide technical vehicular collision accident investigation and reconstruction services in crashes involving commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Additional specialized services include:

  • Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) module downloads (year, make and model dependent)
  • Commercial vehicle inspections and brake performance per axle analysis
  • Forensic scene mapping/documentation that can be easily transferred into a format for 3-D animation purposes
  • CAD diagrams and clear overlays up to 36-inches in width
  • Access to our Accident Investigation/Reconstruction library and information databases (books may be checked out with a $100 deposit)
  • Assistance in identifying experts in related fields
  • Provide guest speakers/instructors for accident investigative training programs
  • Private investigative functions pertaining to the case matter